Workshop Series

Understanding and Reimagining Sleep and Its Disorders

Creative Workshop Series

The project’s first phase was a creative workshop series (February-April 2023), held partly online with sleep researchers Dr Diletta De Cristofaro, Prof Jason Ellis, Dr Pam Alfonso-Miller and Dr Greg Elder, and partly in person with artist Chiara Dellerba, for people experiencing sleep issues associated with parenting, ageing, and the menopause. In the workshops, members of the public came together with the researchers and the artist to talk about lived experiences of sleep and sleep issues. We shared stories of sleep, discussed the impact of sleep disorders in our lives, and produced creative responses to sleep, which fed into an online exhibition open to visitors’ contributions. You can find out more about the workshop series by watching the video below, or by reading the blog posts linked below.

Video by North News

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Illustration by Chiara Dellerba.

Understanding and Reimagining Sleep and Its Disorders is a public engagement project led by Dr Diletta Cristofaro and funded by Wellcome (Research Enrichment – Public Engagement grant). Hosted by Northumbria University and run in partnership with The Sleep Charity, the project consists in a workshop series, an art exhibition, and resources.