Public Writing

The Counterproductive Promise of a “Sleep Goal” | By Diletta De Cristofaro

The Week, March 2022.

In this opinion piece, Diletta De Cristofaro explores how the fixation of sleep-tracking devices and relaxation apps on sleep goals ironically ends up devaluing sleep.

Writing the Sleep Crisis | By Diletta De Cristofaro

The Polyphony: Conversations Across the Medical Humanities, December 2020.

In this post, Diletta De Cristofaro introduces the project and looks back to its first public event, discussing sleep deprivation and speculative fictions that imagine the future end of sleep.

Academic Publications | Forthcoming

Quantified Sleep: Self-Tracking Technologies and the Reshaping of 21st-Century Subjectivity | By Diletta De Cristofaro and Simona Chiodo

Historical Social Research, 2023.

In this article, Diletta De Cristofaro and Simona Chiodo situate the rise of everyday sleep-tracking practices within the sleep crisis discourse and explore these practices’ reshaping of 21st-century subjectivity.

Sleep Mode: Phones, Achievement-Subjects, and the Sleep Crisis in Contemporary Literature | By Diletta De Cristofaro

Telepoetics, edited by Sarah Jackson, Annabel Williams, and Phil Leonard. Edinburgh University Press, 2023.

In this book chapter, Diletta De Cristofaro traces the presence of phones in a selection of contemporary literary texts featuring troubled sleepers and offers a framework to understand the pervasive cultural representations of contemporary society as suffering from poor sleep.