Dr Diletta De Cristofaro

META Lecture

On 27th April, 1pm CEST, Dr Diletta De Cristofaro will be delivering a META lecture at Politecnico di Milano titled “Sleep Mode: Technologies and the Sleep Crisis“. Full details here, abstract of the lecture below.

We are in a sleep crisis: sleep disorders are on the rise and people are sleeping less and less, with disastrous effects on health. Or at least, this is what some studies claim, incessantly amplified by the media. In fact, sleep scientists are divided on whether or not our society is suffering from this crisis of poor sleep. Yet the discourse of contemporary society as profoundly sleep-deprived dominates cultural production. Why have insomnia, burnout, and exhaustion become the main lenses through which we think about sleep in our present? Considering a range of examples from twenty-first-century literature, visual arts, popular and digital culture, this lecture explores the ambiguous role of technologies in the discourse of the sleep crisis: how they are blamed for this supposed public health emergency and, at once, positioned as a possible solution to the crisis. I argue that technologies, and their representations in contemporary culture, illuminate a nexus of concerns, affects, and imperatives that underlie the discourse of the sleep crisis.

Upcoming Talks at Conferences

In April-May 2022, Dr Diletta De Cristofaro will be presenting conference papers about the project at the BSLS (British Society for Literature and Science), PCA (Popular Culture Association), “Everyday Embodiment and Technology in Science and Speculative Fiction” symposium (University of Leeds), and APL (Association for Philosophy and Literature). Further details below.

8 April 2022, 9am BST

Fictions of the Sleep Crisis

The British Society for Literature and Science annual conference, Manchester, UK.

14 April 2022, 9:30am EDT

“Sleep is the Enemy”: The Sleep Crisis in Contemporary Popular Culture

Popular Culture Association annual conference (virtual). This paper is part of a panel about Sleep in Contemporary Popular Culture with Professor Cressida Heyes and Dr Paul Huebener.

6 May 2022, 2:30 BST

Sleep Mode: Technologies and the Sleep Crisis

Everyday Embodiment and Technology in Science and Speculative Fiction” symposium, University of Leeds, part of the Imagining Technologies for Disability Futures project.

26 May 2022, 1:15pm MDT

Re-Imagining Sleep under Climate Breakdown

The Association for Philosophy and Literature 2022 conference, Banff, Canada. This paper is part of a panel about Representing Sleep with Professor Cressida Heyes and Professor Alanna Thain.

Sleep and Digital Health Online Conference

The project’s conference on the theme of Sleep and Digital Health will take place online on 27-28 June 2022.

The conference will explore the nexus of sleep and digital health from a range of disciplinary perspectives. The deadline of our call for papers has been extended to 21st March 2022.

Find out more about the conference and the CfP here.

Free registration is open here.

Highlights video of Sleep Stories and the Science of Sleep event now available

Watch the video collecting highlights of the launch event of Sleep Stories at Durham Book Festival 2021

Sleep Stories and the Science of Sleep” launched the “Sleep Stories” commission at Durham Book Festival, a podcast series featuring stories about sleep by leading British writers. The event delved into the science and culture of sleep. Dr Diletta De Cristofaro was joined by author Salena Godden, Professor of sleep science Jason Ellis, and neuroscientist and writer Dr Erik Hoel.

Upcoming talk at The Sociability of Sleep’s Sleep Salons

On 23rd March, 12-1:30 pm ET, Dr Diletta De Cristofaro will be giving a talk about “Writing Sleep”.

This salon juxtaposes literary-critical explorations of sleep in contemporary fiction with the awareness- and empathy-building practices of life writing about sleep and sleep disorders. The talk will be online and registration is free. More information about The Sociability of Sleep research-creation project here.

Register for the talk here.